Department of Military Intelligence

The DMI consists of six divisions:
MI1: Command
The CO is always a Field Marshal. As the head of the organization, this department is responsible for training and C3 duties. The High Command delegates its orders through M1. To prevent the abuse of such powers all actions must be confirmed by three officers with the rank of General or higher. Only the First Prince, his military aide or the High Command can decide to take action against the Davion-Clan.

MI2: Analysis and Speculation
All information gathered from electronic or field operatives are collected, categorized and analyzed to see the big picture. Teams from this department provide March and field commands with crucial information, as well as insuring relevant data is sent to the Fox’s Den. This provides the High Command with an accurate overview of ongoing campaigns.

MI3: Electronic Information Gathering
Agents of MI3 watch the enemies of the AFFS very close with all electronic measure available. To their inventory includes listening posts, satellite, specialized jumpships and so on. All ‘conventional’ HPG communication are secured.

MI4: Covert Operations Division (the “Stealthy Foxes”)

MI5: Counter-Insurgency

MI7: MIIO Liaison – As the activities of the Ministry of Information, Intelligence, and Operations and DMI frequently overlap, members of this division work to prevent duplication of effort or one agency’s operation interfering with another.

Department of Military Intelligence

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