'Eavy Hitters

Hold the City!

With all of 2nd and 1st Battalion out of the city hunting for Capellan mechs, 3rd Battalion was left to defend the city of New Lisbon. This was a horrible battle for 3rd Battalion. Able and Charlie Lance lost 5 Battlemechs in total along with Capt. Urban. Baker Lance however only had 1 casualty. Their Mongoose had its right leg blown off but otherwise it was still combat capable. Out tonned and out gunned the members of Baker Lance fought bravely holding the linchpin for the city. Funeral services were held for Capt. Urban the following day.

Poznan initial invasion

The 33rd Davion Cavalry hot dropped on the capital city New Lisbon and sustained minimal casualties. No mechs were destroyed and the few infantry that were wounded only had flesh wounds. Baker lance from 3rd Battalion, although under strength due to one of their pilots having emergency appendectomy, fought valiantly causing the mercenary company Hansons Raiders to surrender the commerce district of New Lisbon. They also captured one enemy pilot named “Kitty” and were abke to salvage her warhammer. Odly enough there were no Capellan forces that were seen. But those reports were from the local area….

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