Trevor McHenry

Knight of the Order of the Silver Hawk


BLD 3 / 12+
REF 6 / 6+
INT 5 / 8+
LRN 3 / 12+
CHA 5 / 8+

Athletics 9+
Physical 7+
Mental 10+
Social 8+

Bureaucracy 2/6+
Gunnery/‘Mech 3/4+
Leadership 2/6+
MedTech 1/9+
Negotiation 1/7+
Perception 2/8+
Piloting/’Mech 3/4+
Protocol 2/6+
Seduction 1/7+
Small Arms 1/6+
Strategy 1/9+
Streetwise 1/7+

Title: Knight (Order of the Silver Hawk)


Trevor McHenry, from the planet McHenry, in the Achemar Combat Region of the Crucis March, Federated Suns. Born October 12, 3001, to a lesser branch of the McHenry McHenrys. Trevor is a younger son, not due to inherit much, but his parents did have the resources to send him to the New Avalon Institute of Science. At NAIS, McHenry showed a natural aptitude for ‘Mech combat, quickly gaining the attention of his instructors and recruiters. Using his natural charm, he was able to secure a place for himself with the Order of the Silver Hawk, a knightly order that could be described more as an old boy’s club, but which does work to ensure the placement of its members into excellent jobs.
McHenry has spent the last several years moving up within the ranks of the 33rd, and participating in the training exercises and war games ordered by Hanse Davion on preparation for the invasion of the Capellans.

Trevor McHenry

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