'Eavy Hitters

Tunnels sir, and lots of them

Agent Patterson had assigned 3rd Battalion with the task of leveling 5 small villages. There were several protests from the various members but they all went on ahead with the mission. Vorgan went back to the mayors office in Omsk to ask for a map of the surrounding area to see if there were any bunkers hidden around that they might use for a staging type of area. They were able to search 3 bunkers before their mission kicked off and what a find they found. They Found an old tunnel network under the continent back from when the planet was at the height of its “cold war”. A relic from the past remarkably preserved. Capt. Rockefeller delayed the mission by one day to do a more extensive search of the bunkers.
After decimating the Capellan garrison at one the villages, Bravo Lance came back to to Omsk to see Agent Patterson waiting for them. He asked Cpt. Rockefeller why he delayed the mission and was not given an answer that he liked. Patterson Proceeded to shoot the captain in the leg for his “insubordination” and left. 3rd Battalion moved into the bunkers



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