'Eavy Hitters

And the Winning Planets are.....

After the funeral of Cpt. Urban the players along with the rest of their unit began packing up for their next warzone. It was going to be a long trip so in order to pass the time they held at a “bracket” at McHenrys, the bar that was set up on the warship, FSS William Wallace. There were multiple contestants including Col. Miller. The revelation of the order in which the unit was being deployed was the focus of the bet with the top prize going to the person who guessed the planets in correct order. This was won by an Astech named Frank Miller ( not related in any way shape or form to the commander ) who won the total of 25,629 C-bills.

Upon landing on the planet Maladar, the players were shown around Ft. Chistiakov. This is the only military installation that the rebellion has captured on planet. Including the majority of the 3rd Battalion, several familiar faces were planetside as well including Capt. Irwin of Hansens Raiders and Capt. Brumsfield of Schwarzkopf’s 1st Mechanized ( the unit that the players recieved the Banshee cockpit from ).

The next morning around 0100 local time, there was a ground attack siren that went off. Apparently it was an excecise. That afternoon the now Captain Rockefeller along with Baker Lance met Col. Sandalova and were given a recon mission brief for a germanium mine.



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