'Eavy Hitters

Tunnels sir, and lots of them

Agent Patterson had assigned 3rd Battalion with the task of leveling 5 small villages. There were several protests from the various members but they all went on ahead with the mission. Vorgan went back to the mayors office in Omsk to ask for a map of the surrounding area to see if there were any bunkers hidden around that they might use for a staging type of area. They were able to search 3 bunkers before their mission kicked off and what a find they found. They Found an old tunnel network under the continent back from when the planet was at the height of its “cold war”. A relic from the past remarkably preserved. Capt. Rockefeller delayed the mission by one day to do a more extensive search of the bunkers.
After decimating the Capellan garrison at one the villages, Bravo Lance came back to to Omsk to see Agent Patterson waiting for them. He asked Cpt. Rockefeller why he delayed the mission and was not given an answer that he liked. Patterson Proceeded to shoot the captain in the leg for his “insubordination” and left. 3rd Battalion moved into the bunkers

And the Winning Planets are.....

After the funeral of Cpt. Urban the players along with the rest of their unit began packing up for their next warzone. It was going to be a long trip so in order to pass the time they held at a “bracket” at McHenrys, the bar that was set up on the warship, FSS William Wallace. There were multiple contestants including Col. Miller. The revelation of the order in which the unit was being deployed was the focus of the bet with the top prize going to the person who guessed the planets in correct order. This was won by an Astech named Frank Miller ( not related in any way shape or form to the commander ) who won the total of 25,629 C-bills.

Upon landing on the planet Maladar, the players were shown around Ft. Chistiakov. This is the only military installation that the rebellion has captured on planet. Including the majority of the 3rd Battalion, several familiar faces were planetside as well including Capt. Irwin of Hansens Raiders and Capt. Brumsfield of Schwarzkopf’s 1st Mechanized ( the unit that the players recieved the Banshee cockpit from ).

The next morning around 0100 local time, there was a ground attack siren that went off. Apparently it was an excecise. That afternoon the now Captain Rockefeller along with Baker Lance met Col. Sandalova and were given a recon mission brief for a germanium mine.

Hold the City!

With all of 2nd and 1st Battalion out of the city hunting for Capellan mechs, 3rd Battalion was left to defend the city of New Lisbon. This was a horrible battle for 3rd Battalion. Able and Charlie Lance lost 5 Battlemechs in total along with Capt. Urban. Baker Lance however only had 1 casualty. Their Mongoose had its right leg blown off but otherwise it was still combat capable. Out tonned and out gunned the members of Baker Lance fought bravely holding the linchpin for the city. Funeral services were held for Capt. Urban the following day.

Poznan initial invasion

The 33rd Davion Cavalry hot dropped on the capital city New Lisbon and sustained minimal casualties. No mechs were destroyed and the few infantry that were wounded only had flesh wounds. Baker lance from 3rd Battalion, although under strength due to one of their pilots having emergency appendectomy, fought valiantly causing the mercenary company Hansons Raiders to surrender the commerce district of New Lisbon. They also captured one enemy pilot named “Kitty” and were abke to salvage her warhammer. Odly enough there were no Capellan forces that were seen. But those reports were from the local area….

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